February 24, 2011

~Put A Little Pink In Your Grey!~

Hello Friends! To offset the grey days here in Iowa...I've been knitting up a storm! Knitting is the perfect craft for winter for me. I always pick colors that brighten my world..and pink is one of my most favorite colors! Pink just turns my insides to jelly!! (smiling) So I gathered up all of my leftover pink stash and made this V shaped Shawl. It has two layers of fibers throughout the entire piece and it is so incredibly warm...I made extra long, thick fringe because I just love the casual messy look of it. What fun! And I must tell you, working on it was a delight! Now I'm off to block it, but I just had to share this with you.
I hope that you are all well and as excited as I am to have winter almost over!! Let the Sun Shine In!! Blessings all!
P.S. I see signs of spring in my garden already!! Yikes! Crossing my fingers that it is not too early. Hugs~


  1. oHHH it is so nice, cosy, girly, chic, warm and practical! Good for you. Enjoy it.
    Winter is almost over around here too.
    We had a glorious day and there are so many dafs already screaming to show off!

  2. I love the bright color! You and your pink brightens a cold winter day for sure. We are having another winter storm our way and although I've been knitting a lot my colors are not as bright and cheery. I'm doing a knee warmer for my BIL that is different shades of brown. It's a variation of the shawl pattern I've been using but as he suffers arthritis in his knees I thought it might be nice to make him something to warm up his knees. I'm thinking Spring but right now it sure is winter here.

  3. Your shawl is so pretty and looks so cozy to wear!

  4. its beautiful, Sharon! Gorgeous color combinations!! hang in there, spring is so close!!

    enjoy the weekend :)


  5. What lovely shades of pink! That is a color that always makes us feel good! Beautiful design! ♥

  6. Pink is my favorite color, so I thought it quite stunning!