September 6, 2010

~Off to Dallas~Prayer is Needed....

Hi Friends~I'm off to Dallas, my mom has to have carotid artery surgery on both sides. This will be the second time on the left side, bless her heart. She has had such a time in the last 5 years and I must come to you to ask for prayer for this surgery. You are always so faithful when I am in need. My house is organized, I have food for my darling hubby, and I just have to make arrangements for Freeway at the doggy boarder, and pack. I will miss you all, although I will try to catch up on your blogs at my moms home. Lots of Love, Sharon


  1. Oh dear, Sharon you can count on me to keep your dear mother in mine & hubs daily requests. May God's loving hands be on your mother while she endures through and heals after her surgery. Blessing to you all. Tammy

  2. I'll be praying for a successful surgery for your Mom and a safe journey for you too. Take care!

  3. praying for all Sharon! safe travels!


  4. I will definitely pray for your mom's surgery right now!! I don't want to forget!!
    Best wishes to her