September 10, 2010

~A Miracle & A Blessing~

A few days ago I asked for prayer for my mom who was going to have surgery on her carotid artery which was "very seriously" blocked according to the ultra sound which was read by her physician. She was sent to a surgeon who specializes only in carotic artery surgery, and the appt. was made for one week from the original diagnosis. She had much prayer during that week, and I had made arrangements to go there and care for her. On Wed. she went to the surgeon, and he did another ultra sound on both sides of her neck. He told her that her carotid arteries were good, very healthy! What???! She told him that her doctor had said that it was very seriously can that be? The surgeon explained that she had a small block in a vein leading to her face, but that there are several veins that lead to the face, and that they would take over for the blocked one, further that the blockage would break up on their own, and that it was common for someone of her age to experience this occurance. No surgery~go home..enjoy your life-You are fine! Wow! I cried when my mom called and told me the news, she was crying too! I believe in Miracles!! Thank you Lord!!
P.S. My dog is really happy too as I unpacked my clothes and cancelled the boarding appointment for her. My hubby is thrilled that I will be here to spend his vacation with him. And I am so thankful that my dear, sweet mom doesn't have to undergo more surgery, and that she is in good health. What a week! Thank you so very much for your prayers and I wish for you many many Blessings~
Thanks Dr. Todd Spencer (our favorite Baylor Boy!)


  1. a miracle indeed! thank you Lord!! I'm glad your mom won't have to have surgery and is doing good health wise! I'm also thankful for the wisdom God gave the doctor!! so neat too Sharon that you can enjoy time with your hubby on his vacation and I know Freedom is "tickled pink" that she won't have to go for boarding!! we serve a wonderful magnificent awesome God!


  2. Talk about the power of prayer working miracles!! I can only imagine your joy & how your mum must feel. Any time surgery can be avoided it's a good thing. Thank you Jesus. Hugs. Tammy

  3. Thank the dear Lord. Miracles do happen and that was a big blessing indeed. No surgery is always good news indeed. How happy you all must be! Hope your vacation week was a good one then.

  4. That is great! My dad had a mini stroke and had to have the same surgery. He is fine thank goodness but it was no fun! Glad your mother was spared the grief. Thanks again for your sweet comments on my blog :).

  5. I am so happy for you and your mom! The doctors can scare you sometimes!

  6. Dear Sharon ~~ How wonderful that your mother had a miracle - God is good. How relieved you must be. Not
    to mention your Mom.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog and I am glad you enjoyed it.
    I am trying to get some rest to recover my energy and it is a little warmer which may help. I enjoyed my
    visitors, but as you say it can be tiring. Take care dear Sharon.
    Love, Merle.

  7. i celebrate with you !
    what gratitude to God for His constant goodness...
    have just found you on the party list today ~
    you're welcome at my cafe. tea is on ...