January 5, 2009

Uh-Oh Look Out!! The Dreaded Winter Clean Up!

It seems many times at the beginning of a new year, I have the urge to go through each room of my home and rejuvenate! It is not always a big change or even a noticeable change, just something different. A lampshade redo or rearranging kitchen cupboards, drapery cleaning...but always...always the good, thorough vacuum!! (cut to doggy) Dum Dum De Da!! (scary music) Dread fills the air, the ears go down (dust protection), "Which way do I go?? Gotta get away! Don't turn it on...Stop!! ACK!! Run for your Life!!"

Folks, just have to add a disclaimer that Freeway has never been sucked up into the vacuum cleaner...not even close! But just look at this face!! Is this hilarious, or what?? Poor little girl, sheds like a fall Maple....and scared to death of the vacuum! Rough life! Blessings for a Brand New Year~


  1. Hey sharon.. What a cute picture... She knows your in the cleaning mod(Ha Ha)

  2. LOL! Too funny! Just give your doggy a new bone to chew on and then maybe she won't notice you're cleaning. Don't have too much fun cleaning! I got a new steam mop for my vinyl floors. Works great! No more mop and bucket for me!

  3. I am the same way! Once I start putting away christmas decor I just can't stop cleaning and re-arranging, decluttering and re-doing. My dogs (both of them) are also afraid of the vacuum! They hide in closets! hee hee.

  4. Mine are to friendly with the vacuum...when i bring it out of the closet, they think it's a chew toy!!! Hard to use with a Jack Russell & Neighborhood Terrier handing on!!! Good luck.....Happy New Year!!!!

  5. I love a clean house.... the smell, the order, the cleanliness, the feeling... ;) but don't stress too much! Happy cleaning!

    Welcome the day with a smile...


  6. poor Freeway! Koda's the same way with the dreaded vacuum cleaner; and like Freeway, he sheds so much that the vacuum cleaner is out at least once every 2 days; he usually goes running to the opposite side of the house from where its at

    hope you have a great day


  7. Ha,ha, my cats head for the catdoor faster than speeding bullets when the vacuum cleaner comes out! I started decluttering and rearranging my studio supplies in an attempt to be more efficient in 2009!

  8. Oh poor freeway -our Gracie is quite taken with the vacuum.

  9. Oh, that look is funny Sharon! Our little Jack Russell runs and hides too. Only, the place she really wants to hide is at my heels. Which of course defeats the whole purpose for her if I'm the one running the vacuum! Our big dog is scared of it too, but instead of hiding, she will attack the vacuum. So she has to be kenneled when it comes out.

  10. thanks. that banner is 1024x435 pixels and i made it myself. i hope fotogeeni works out and i can actually sell some things.

  11. My Pom loves the vacuum - she chews on the cord. My Yorkie doesn't know where to go to avoid it! Doing your spring cleaning ahead of time? I like a clean house too - it just doesn't seem to stay that way for very long around here!

  12. Hi Sharon,
    I love your blog... and had to comment on your dog! That is thee sweetest face! Then i got the giggles when I saw the photo across the page, of your two best pals. lol
    What a cute picture.
    Your dog's afraid of the vac and two of mine try to kill it. lol
    I'm anxious to have more time and come back. Love the lollishop!