January 9, 2009

A Sweet Pink Valentine's Day!!

What a Joy for Valentine's Day to be just around the corner! In my world even Valentine's Day is Pink! With Christmas and New Year's a wonderful memory, I now look forward to the Sweetest Day! Hearts & Roses~Cupid with his bow~Candy~Romantic cards from loved ones! What could be nicer? I had long been curious about the history of Valentine's Day cards, and just how they came to be so popular here in the United States... I ran across a lovely article about Miss Esther Howland (1828-1904) of Massachusetts. Miss Howland, after graduating from Mount Holyoke received a Valentine's Day greeting from England. She was so taken with the beautiful handcrafted card complete with lace and linen, that she ordered her own supplies from Europe and began to create tiny little masterpiece Valentine's Day cards. With help from family and friends, Miss Esther set up an assembly line, with each girl assigned a different task and turned her Card making into a $100,000 a year company! Just think....Miss Esther of Worcester, Mass., a successful entrepeneur....and she couldn't even vote! Her cards were so Beautiful, So Magnificent...a site for the eye to behold! If you get a chance to google her you will find so many wonderful examples of her work. Thank you Ms. Esther!


  1. Excellent post and pics. I especially love the look of jewelry draped around a vase, too!

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  3. Sharon, what a beautiful wreath and bouquet of pink flowers!!! I just love Valentine's day too. I made a Valentine bird today. I'll post about it later, after I find my camera.
    We're getting snow. How about you?
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  4. how interesting to read where Valentine's came from; I didn't know that info! your creations are beautiful (as always, you are so talented :)

    enjoy your weekend


  5. I love any holiday that features SWEETS! Your creations are magnificent!