January 2, 2009

~Turn Bleak Into Beautiful!! Knitting the Colors of Winter~

Good Morning Sweet Ladies!! As I gazed out the window at the sunset last night, I was reminded how beautiful a stark & bleak winter evening can be. The tree trunks and branches bare, little snow on the ground, and a cold wind blowing in puffs of dark clouds. Beyond all of the black, gray and white of winter is a pink & red sunset in the distance! Color!!! So, I picked up my dusty knitting needles and proceeded to bring the colors of this winter night into my home. This Ruana will include all of the colors of winter, that are so easy to miss. This will be my "Sunset Ruana"
Snow white, red & pinks for the sunset, purple and gray for the sky, and even a little fun fur for the tiny abandoned birds nest from last spring. I have added a little blue for my neighbors home that you can see in the distance.
So having not made a New Year's Resolution...I suppose that enjoying the colors of winter will be mine this year, and my new Ruana will remind me to accept what comes along with a joyful heart and mind, always giving thanks to our Creator for the Wonders of All seasons, he has so lovingly blessed us with. Perhaps not to take things for granted as I tend to do. And to love deeply and without reservation in the Spirit of Christ. Well friends, I do have a New Year's Resolution after all! Blessings to each of you, and may you enjoy an inspired New Year!
I would like to ask you to please say a prayer for a wonderful lady Karen, a talented artist and a beautiful soul. Her health is in question, and she needs some prayer and a blessing. Thank you ever so much. Yours~Sharon


  1. will say a prayer for your friend, Sharon; what a beautiful ruana! now to be honest, I didn't know what a ruana was so I googled it and found its a wrap, right?? this should surely brighten up the gray of winter for sure!!! great color choices!

    great resolutions too!!! may it be a fantastic year for you and yours!


  2. Wow I love the colors. It would take me for ever to knitt like that. You are fast. It does look just like the picture. I will pray for your friend..
    Keep warm,

  3. Beautiful sunset!!! And what a great knitting project you have going there! Love the colors of the yarn.
    Go for it!!!

  4. Sharon,
    You are a blessing, and I am so glad to have met you. Your knitting colors inspire me to paint a winter scene. They are lovely together.
    Blessings, Karen

  5. Sending up a prayer for your friend as i write this....love the colors....what a great idea!!

  6. Praying for your friend Sharon. I too love this ruana! The colours are spectacular and so very pretty together!

  7. Thank you for this beautiful post Sharon. God bless you & I'll keep Karen in my prayers. Tu-de-lu, Laura

  8. I just love your New Year's resolution Sharon! There is so much beauty to behold all around us! I will keep your friend in my prayers!