February 16, 2010

~Moguls in My Yard~

Attention Vancouver!! Free Moguls in Iowa!! AND....all the ice you can dream of right here in my front yard! We deliver!
Cabin fever was upon me yesterday, I had snow on the walk...I didn't care...snow on the porch...not my problem...snow on the driveway...so what! I'm tired of shoveling...
Today is a much different story. As I was getting into the shower I noticed that my batwings are diminishing. What??? My biceps actually had a "pea sized bulge." Whoo-Hoo! Shoveling tons of snow has it's own rewards! There's always a bright side isn't there? Sometimes we just have to look REAL DEEP to find it.
I don't know if you can tell from the photo or not, but we have 8-10 mini mountains of snow in the yard! AND more on the way Friday...I really need to purchase some cross-country skis to get the trash can and mail out. I tromped out to fill up the bird feeders yesterday and the snow was up to my thighs..those lucky birds...
Today promises sunshine...and a day with sunshine is always a good day.


  1. You are the blessed one today for sure. To be able to have a day of sun would be worderful. I do hope you get out and soak up some rays!

  2. Hey girl!!

    I've lost 9 pounds shoveling the stuff!!....i need to lose a few more...sooo...for now.....Let it Snow....Let it Snow!!

    Stay safe and warm.....LindaMay

  3. no more white stuff....you've had tooo much...there..I've said the magic words....lol

    stay warm & dry...

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for leaving such lovely words on my post this morning. You certainly had more snow than we have had this season. Although it is snowing today and it is accumulating, but never to the inches you speak of. Sounds like you had more rewards than just a glorious view.

  5. Batwings LOL! I had to stop and think about what you were talking about... I guess snow does have it's benefits afterall. We had 14 inches here which is nothing compared to what you are dealing with; I cannot imagine having the snow that you get! Thank you for you sweet comments on my blog. Yes, the quilt was a huge hit!

    Jennifer :)

  6. I was thrilled we had not had a real snowy winter. THEN... well as the story goes.... We have about 10" in our yard and it can't leave soon enough for me. Today was my first day out in what seems like weeks (really only 5 days) but it SEEMED like weeks. So, I get the cabin fever. I don't want it. I'll be the the red truck you see in your rear view bringing this muck to vancouver with you.


  7. Thanks for your comment about my cathedral window! I'm not using a pattern per se, but I'm using the instructions my mother worked from in the book "Step by Step Quiltmaking" by Barbara Danneman (Golden Press, 1975). Labor-intensive it is, perfect it is not, but my children will treasure it as I treasure my great-grandmother's pieced quilt and I will treasure my mother's cathedral window :-) Thanks again for your kindness!

    If it makes you feel any better, Tennessee keeps getting hit with "snow", too. We just aren't equipped to deal with anything beyond a dusting. ;-) I went to Waterloo, IA, for Christmas with a friend, though, and learned how to drive! :-D

  8. hi Sharon,
    Do I really have to shovel to get rid of my batwings? Dang, I think I'll just gain alot of weight...maybe that will do it.
    You do have some serious snow there. That's what we should look like here, but we are having a dry year here in Idaho. I hope you dig out soon my friend.

  9. Hi, Sharon! Yikes! That is a honkin' amount of snow! Has it stopped snowing up there? I would braggggg about our sunshine. MUM'S the word! Hey, thank you so much for your sweet compliments on my weight loss! I dropped a couple more....7 to go...Yipeeeeeeeee

  10. Really?? 30 to go?? Rock ON, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I am Rootin' for ya, Loud and CLEAR!!! That is fantastic! How much weight have you lost?

  11. Hi
    You are the winner of my print Java Joy from http://faithfolk.blogspot.com
    Blessings :)

  12. Hi, Sharon! Wow, that's more snow than I can even imagine. Of course, living in Southern Middle Tennessee, we don't see a whole lot of the white stuff down here. The exception has been THIS year. We've seen ice and snow enough to last five winters! I think it's so beautiful, but then...I don't get as much as you do!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog earlier today. I'm so glad you found me and entered my vintage stuff giveaway! I'm having so much fun deciding what to put in the gift box!

    Hope you'll visit me again soon. It's so nice to "meet" you!!!


    Stay warm!!