February 26, 2010

~Heat Wave~

Blue Skies and Icy Trees
Do you see that little red bump on the bottom right of the picture? That is a fire hydrant (my hubby's yard art!) But look how tall the snow is!

Whoo-Hoo! It's a heat wave folks!! Today will be 30 degrees!! I've got my sunscreen set out next to my lawn chair, sunglasses, scarf and earmuffs, down jacket and a cup of hot tea and I'm ready to roll!
Having grown up in San Diego, CA. and spending most of my adult life in Las Vegas, NV.....this ice chamber in the Midwest poses some high hurdles for a warm weather girl. Thankfully I have come to love the seasons in the Plain States, the Wonderful Midwest Hospitality, the kind and caring folks that remind me of the respect we learned to have for each other when I was a child. We weren't in too much of a hurry to lend a helping hand, to wave hello, to enjoy time spent together. We shared what we had if somebody needed it, and we did it gladly. We weren't bigger or better than anyone else...we were just in it all together. The folks here are quieter somehow, they don't give an opinion unless they are asked. I don't find people so angry here. It's peaceful. Living in the Midwest has brought all of those wonderful values back into my life, and has given me a sense of belonging and an excitement for ordinary things. So, while it may be only 30 degrees outside, I think I'll just be happy that the warm up is coming, look forward to my flower garden pushing up through the snow, and the green grass underneath the ice. Soon enough it will be Spring, but there is also amazing joy in the anticipation.


  1. I have anticipated long enough!!! LOL! I need spring!! Today I have sunshine!! Woohoo!!

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  3. So glad someone is having sunshine and warmer weather. We have had a blast of snow and wind here since yesterday and it's not to stop til Sunday. I'm so glad it's Friday and I won't have to go out tomorrow at all.

  4. We anticipate ... daydream ... waiting ... longing ... and before you know it, it is here! This year though it's takin' 4ever!! Have a great weekend. Judi

  5. I am so glad I no longer live in snow country. Rain is bad enough.


  6. Fargo is our favorite movie of all time. It embodies all you've said here about the mid-west.

    Still - darling Sharon - you are a braver soul than I. I mean... I would follow my Larry to the ends of the earth -but that said, would hope the earth ends in a warm climate.

    I love you and your photos! They are so very lovely and frosty.

    So.... when are you coming to Florida?

  7. I think we are all going to appreciate spring when it finally comes this year!

  8. Such a lovely post. I am hoping for cooler weather. Frist day of Autumn here in Australia. Yay!!!

    Happy days.

  9. amazing with how much snow you have gotten this year, Sharon; all looks beautiful (at least in pictures). I do agree with you, people are much more friendlier in certain parts of the country as compared to other parts; just too bad that it sometimes comes with COLD weather, but do take heart, spring is literally around the corner

    (thanks for the advice about Koda and treats; not sure what is going on with that dog, we have cut out a lot of things with him but I guess I'll just keep cutting more out :)

    enjoy the day


  10. Lovely post, Sharon!

    Enjoy your heat wave!