February 11, 2010

~From the Inside Looking Out~

Yikes! It's -6 right now, and Blessed be I don't have to go out! In fact...I stood in the living room looking out to the front yard to take these pictures!! (smiling) Waaaay to cold for me...and my dog. This morning poor little Freeway was in and out so fast, I barely had time to shut the door! In some places at the driveway, the snow is over 4 feet! Welcome to Iowa!! My hubby is called out a lot with different emergencies, and he hasn't had time to scrape off the driveway with his skid steer. Our wonderful neighbor across the street, Jason, has come over every snow day for the past week and cleaned it off!! God Bless him!! My hubby does their drive when he's home. What a great neighborhood. I looked out the other day, and my next door neighbor was blowing the end strip of our driveway where the snowplow left a deposit! Wonderful people here in Iowa, we are so blessed. I will take more pictures today...later...when it's above 0! Hang in there friends in the East...we'll make it through this winter!!
I almost forgot! Yesterday, Freeway was just barking to beat the band..I looked out to see what was going on-there was a magnificent Bald Eagle just flying around the yard, then landing in the trees out front, then flying some more. It was a sight to behold! I ran around trying to locate my camera, as it is never where I think it should be...and by the time I returned to the window, the eagle was in flight over the trees. Darn! It is spectacular to see them up close, it always surprises me how large they are!! Honest to Pete...it would have darkened the sun....if we had any sun..that is... Blessings~


  1. Sharon! Those photos!!!!

    You never cease to amaze me with the beauty of the images you capture. They are nothing short of glorious.

    And to see a bald eagle to boot! Hey, I'd say you were a pretty lucky lady. And just so you know, we aren't battling snow here in Florida (although Tallahassee may get some soon), but it's so cold - we might as well!

    Stay warm my Iowa friend. And keep those photos coming. I LOVE THEM!

  2. No sun here either. We do have those piles of snow though just about everywhere.

  3. Beautiful pictures!!

    Stay safe and warm......another one's on the way....!!!

    Is it Spring yet...??


  4. It is great to have thoughtful neighbors and helping each other. We have the same type of neighborhood. Seems much colder where you are and we might catch up to ya with the amount of snow we have had! Stay warm! Judi

  5. Those are amazing photographs! I'm glad you have a nice warm house.

  6. We have a bald eagle that visits regularly...they are amazing to see...stay warm & dry!!!!

  7. No where near that cold here, but we did break a snowfall record! It snowed for at least 24 hours here, yesterday. Just unheard of!
    Stay warm.

  8. Dear Sharon ~~ How cold it all looks and I am glad you could stay indoors
    It has been a an extraordinary year
    hasn't it. I am so glad your neighbors and you help each other in
    times of need- wonderful community
    spirit. I hope your husband stays safe. Thank you so much for your kindness and good wishes and I am hoping the extra tablet will do the trick. Thank you so much Sharon, for being a caring friend.
    Take care, Love, Merle.