January 31, 2010

~Sunshine & Moonshine~

Sunshine: A beautiful gift in pink and green made by my mom! Isn't she the BEST? I can't believe it is so perfectly done. No flaws, (unlike my knitting:-) just perfect. It's just as bright and beautiful as the sunshine! This is a crochet project, and she made one for us, and one for my brother Mike and his darling wife Carol. My mom always says, that she is not very creative....HELLO!! I love it. And the colors are so perfect for our home. Divine!!!.....

Moonshine: No, not the kind you were thinking!! It's morning and the full moon is still out! Is it confused I wonder?

Happy Sunday!! Hey...it's sunny here today. Still cold but the sun makes all the difference in the world.



  1. Sunny here, too!!...but COLD!!

    Beautiful!...I think our Mom's should meet....mine say she can't quilt....but...who taught me to sew!!
    Don't ya love'um!!


  2. I seen that beautiful moon shine too... and feel the sun shine on my back while setting here reading your blog..
    happy day,

  3. Yeah! It is sunny here too but really really cold out. Thankfully the sun came out and makes us feel better anyway! The throw is beautiful and I love the colors. How nice to have such a talented Mom. It is a beautiful touch of Spring for sure! Hope your Sunday is a great one!

  4. Wow Sharon, that is so beautiful..Mum did a great job..and it is perfect..
    Julia ♥