January 30, 2010

~Saturday Fun~

Greetings! I love Saturdays! I have spent the morning sewing on quilts and rearranging my bedroom. I am going to make a white summer quilt for our bed...it probably won't go over too well with the dog who considers it HER bed. But of course there is pink my next to favorite color..hubby wouldn't go for that at all...Oh well White it is!!

But first I am finishing off the quilt for Haiti. I will post a picture of it when I am finished. I chose pink (of course) because it is for a young girl, but then I thought she might like bright and vibrant colors. So...I'm making it BRIGHT Pink!! (smiles)

I hope that you all enjoy your weekend. And to all that have had severe weather this week-I'm praying for you! Keep Safe & God Bless you!!


  1. It is nice to be thinking about summer on a cold winter's day. How nice that you are sending a quilt off to Haiti. So many have been generously helping out there. I can only imagine a young girl's happiness over your pink quilt.

  2. Well Sharon, I can't wait to see BOTH your quilts when you are done.

  3. What a lovely thought...The Saturday Haiti Quilt will be so very much appreciated... Looking forward to seeing the finished quits..Enjoy your Sunday too, Sharon.