January 20, 2010


Freeway's NOT Happy!

Here we go again, another weather event here in Iowa. This time--An Ice Storm! We are told to expect 1/2" of ice today on the roads, in the trees, and on the power lines! We are to expect power outages...I am getting quilts and comforters ready!

I woke up this morning thinking about those poor people in Haiti, what devastation, the plight of humanity. My heart soars every time the rescuers bring out another person who is alive, but great sadness envelopes me when I hear the number of dead, and wounded.

I was contacted by a great friend Sheila Dee from My Creative Side who was one of the volunteer quilters of America's 9-11 Memorial Quilts that made remembrance quilts for FDNY, EMS, Flight 93, The Pentagon, Port Authority, Port Authority Staff, And The Victims. This group of wonderful ladies from all over the country are joining together once again, assisting the "Joshua Reiss Memorial Foundation (9-11 victim) on a project to collect quilts for Haiti's Children, most of whom were left with nothing. Many, many lost their parents. (Please click on the links for the story). These colorful & comforting quilts will be given to the children and the hospitals in Haiti.
Anyone can volunteer to create a quilt for a child either by hand or machine quilting. I am making a rag quilt for a teen girl. Baby quilts, toddler quilts, any size for boys or girls are needed. Jeannie Ammermann is the founder of the 9-11 Memorial Quilts and if you would care to donate a new handcrafted quilt you may contact her through the America's 9-11 Memorial Quilts link above.
The pictures I'm posting today are actually photo's I took yesterday of the hoar frost on the trees. Isn't it spectacular?? Winter Wonderland is a fitting title, don't you think? But today will be a different story I'm afraid....Lord help us!
Blessings to you all!!
Oh yes, and a special Blessing to all of my friends in California who are experiencing the ravages of flooding. I'll be praying for you too!!
If we lose power---I'll catch you on the flip side!!


  1. Would it be in poor taste to mention we are expecting a sunny day with temps around 75°? Yeah, I figured. But Sharon! Don't be mad. After all, this IS Florida {although it's been acting more like Siberia the past three weeks} and we are thrilled to see the record breaking lows move on out of here.

    On the flip side - those winter wonderland photos are just breathtaking. I swoon over them. My blood may be thinner than water in a hot tea-kettle, but I have always loved the frosty winter landscapes. I was born and raised in upstate NY - pretty close to the Buffalo/Syracuse snowbelt - so I know a thing or two about snowy conditions. And I always get nostalgic for the beautiful pure white blanket of fresh white on all the trees and rooftops. Your photography has such an artisanal quality to them. Something you should be VERY proud of.

    But more importantly... I love your heart, Sharon. Your concern for Haiti and your involvement is really touching. I wish I could make a quilt, but sadly I must send even my hemming out to a seamstress. We have sent a check to the Haitian Relief Fund through the American Red Cross. Not as spectacular an effort as yours, but every little bit helps, right?

    As for your gorgeous blog and those quilt photos... I just have to tell you how much I admire your style. It feels so charming and vintage and Victorian and pink! I adore the pink eye candy quilt. How much does something like that go for? Not sure do market directly to the public or if I could even afford something so grand, but what a treasure it would be to own. Please email me if you have one you can part with.

    Stay warm Sharon. I'm off to start my day.

    ♥ Casa Hice

  2. You ice pictures are beautiful, even better viewing them from FL...

    It is very hard to hear about what the people are going thru in Haiti..you described it perfectly with the highs and lows of emotion..
    stay warm!!!!

  3. It's stunningly beautiful, but I don't know how you do it! Stay warm!

  4. Fantastic and beautiful shots !! Ice everywhere !

  5. The pictures are beautiful. I hope you don't loose your power there. With all our modern inventions they can't seem to make it so our power doesn't go out. Strange thing. I guess there is no money inventing something like that. Take good care!

  6. Hi Sharon, what an awesome thing to do for the people of Haiti. My heart just breaks everyday for the people there.
    We have had a lot of hoarfrost as well this winter and I love waking up to the fairyland that is in my garden when it comes. Our roads have remained pretty good this Winter, thanks to the road and brigde people who make them a priority. Since Dale is a police officer and is on the roads so much i always go to him for the road safety report. I do not venture out unless I'm sure it is safe for travel.
    Your photos are so gorgeous today.

  7. G'morn, sweet Sharon ~ Our storm is arriving tonight! Yours left you such scenic pics to enjoy.

    Haiti is so sad ... but after 3 horribly corrupt dictatorships, people who dare not share they have money for fear of their lives, a gov't that hasn't given a tinkers __ for these beautiful people ... this may be the turning point of a new life & structure for both the people & politico arena. Please pray that it is. The tales our in-laws can tell are heartbreaking, that is endured there.

    TY for your sweet notes, I am doing much better daily now.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  8. Thanks for sharing the info about the quilts for Haiti children. I know we can't touch them with our hands but these quilts will touch them through our hearts and let them know others care.

    Be safe and stay warm, my friend.

  9. stunning pictures Sharon! I hope you don't lose your power!

    great project you're going to be involved in

    It is such a tragedy in Haiti but just think what it is doing to get people to be involved helping others and reaching out and perhaps spreading God's kingdom. He allowed it for some reason, we just need to keep trusting, right?

    be safe


  10. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for sharing your world today. The snow sure is pretty even though it is so treacherous to travel in. Seattle is having weather that resembles spring. 60º and sunny some days even though we were supposed to have rain all week. I count my blessings and just enjoy. :)

    I love what you are doing for Haiti. WOW! Very impressive and heart warming.

    Please stay warm, everything will be okay. :)

    Hugs! =D

  11. Hi Sharon I sure hope you can stay warm through all of this. Yes praying for all those suffering people in Haiti. The quilt project sounds great! I hope most of them can relocate. Lots going on in the world.
    Thank you for your sweet comment. Blessings! Sharon from Idaho

  12. Just gorgeous winter pictures. I also appreciate your involvement in helping Haiti. We gave money to the American Red Cross and wished we could do more. At times like this you wish you were young and rich and able to do huge things. Not many of us can but as long as all or most of us try in our own small way...it will get done for those poor people.

    I am hoping things go better for them than they did for New Orleans right here in the US. I am just hoping all the help we are all contibuting get there..and soon..and that it helps them to rebuild their city to better than ever. A terrible time for this to happen with the world economy the way it is. I think of them daily. We also went through the Red Cross. I hope one day soon we will begin to hear some good is happening.

  13. wow amazing phots

  14. Such a worthwhile project... Blessing to you and all the other quilter... Your frost picture are amazing... Jack Frost is really creative or was it Jenny frost( ha ha)