June 10, 2010

What a Beautiful Sunrise this morning! Below: A new Rag Quilt...finally!!

Good Morning Friends! Well, it's been an amazing last few weeks for us! Hubby's job is going better and better, and he is more relaxed than he has been in a year. It's so nice to have him back to his old self! We came to a breaking point...and realized that what we were lacking was faith. Faith that the Father knows in advance what is going to happen, and that He will see us through. We got so caught up in the tension each day, that we were beginning to stress out BEFORE my husband even left home in the morning! We are believers, and we love the Lord...but sometimes we forget to let God handle the hard stuff, the stuff I can't even understand! So for the last few weeks we have returned to the basics, we are reclaiming our lives, and rededicating our hearts to the Lord.

I have re-learned some valuable lessons amid the turmoil of this last year. 1. Let go and Let God. 2. When I am in a messy spiritual place, my creative spirit is non-existent. And 3. My memory is in dire need of a little Ginko!

Yes, it must be memory fade that is causing me to forget the basics! Ya think??? Let go and let God. Easy right?? Sheesh!

I have more wonderful news which I will post in the next few days and weeks. It has to do with Lavender......Wind.....and Farm.....Can you guess??? Hugs everyone and thank you so much for hanging in there with me throughout this difficult period. Blessings~~


  1. Beautiful pictures....beautiful words.....Great Post!!


  2. Loving your rag quilt and that sunrise is spectacular!!
    I am glad that stress is melting away from your lives. Nothing worse than losing the Joy of the Lord!!
    Sometimes all we can do is hang onto the hem of his robe. So keep on hanging!

  3. So glad that your husband's job is getting better and better. Giving things to the Lord, a hard lesson, one that I recently learned. Why am I always thinking I can fix things, when the Lord can fix them so beautifully in ways that I would never have thought of. I read once without adversity there would be no miracles. It is true, and when that miracle happens our faith soars.

    Maybe the Lord lets us go through trials to break us and have us let go so that we can experience the miracles that build the strongest faith.

    I adore your quilt, I can almost feel how soft it must be. Have a beautiful day.


  4. Lovely quilt and lovely post altogether. It is so true. Have a little faith. It'll get us through every time and in all ways. I'm so happy things are working out for the better for you.

  5. beautiful quilt Sharon!! lots of hard work there! gorgeous sunrise! definitely a gift from the Lord!!

    so glad husband's job is going better; thank you Lord!! it is hard sometimes to come to the conclusion you did; I think we get so wrapped up in the problem itself we forget who really is in the driver's seat and in control; and turning to him and letting it go to him is always the best way to go!

    looking forward to hearing your news; I'm clueless with the clues you gave....