June 11, 2010

Fun With Burlap....And Other Things..

For so long I have been wanting to make something with burlap. I love the texture and the monochromatic color of this fabric, also I remember when my mom would buy potatoes in burlap when I was young. So, it's kind of new and old for me. Yesterday it was raining so I got out my burlap and made this pillow! It was fun and great to get back into handcrafting.

Now for the big news! My hubby and I have a little over 2 acres here in Iowa, and it is all grass. It has been on my heart lately that we should do something with it. For many years I have grown lavender, just a few plants here and there because I love the rich frangrance, and the delicate flowers. I also use it for my garden, keeping the insects, deer and rabbits out. They dislike the fragrance of lavender...poor dears, they just don't know a good thing when they smell it! I also use it for sachets, cleaning, and candles. Anyway, hubby and I have decided to plant a lavender farm! This week I will have several plants coming in and we will be tilling and preparing the ground for the new little lavender plants! Doing what you love is a wonderful thing, no matter the hard work, it is enjoyable! I can just picture the beautiful slim purple wands swaying in the wind! Now it is time for the work however...we just need mother nature to comply. It has rained for 2 weeks now...and we need a nice day to begin our lavender garden. This time, I will take before and after pictures!!

Also, in the coming week I will let you in on an exciting venture that we are undertaking...that's the "wind" part of yesterday's post...Hmmmm...what could it be??

Hugs to you all, enjoy the weekend.


  1. Congrats on the lavender farm idea. I love it!!

  2. Hi!!

    Your Lavender Farm idea sounds wonderful!! I know many of us will buy your lavender from you once it gets going, including Me!!

    I use to live in England and on the bus leaving the village I use to live in were lavender farms.
    In the morning the air would be filled with the scent on the way into town.

    Hugs and have a nice weekend!!

    Art of Mine

  3. how exciting Sharon! I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of your lavendar farm as you plant and as it grows! I don't think I would even know what a lavendar plant looks like and interesting how the "critters" don't like its fragrance! very adorable pillow too!!

    wind - windmill??


  4. A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour. ....................................................

  5. Oh, am I ever glad to know this ... guess I'll buy a bit of it to plant so they'll leave the hostas alone.

    Anxious to see the beginning to the end of this venture.

    Happy Father's Day to your hubs.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  6. A lavender farm! How wonderful! Almost as wonderful as the texture and pattern of your afternoon pillow project. I adore that pillow. Nicely done, my friend. Best wishes in your new endeavor - I can just imagine how lovely it will be.

    Sending love and warm shinshiny days from Casa Hice.

  7. Now that is a pretty pillow and a wonderful design - my mind started flying around when I saw it. I am inspired to maybe do one with some vintage yoyos or old linens on it. Love it!!!

  8. Well done on the Lavender Farm,what name have you chosen for this. Hope the planting went well. Happy days.

  9. Hola Sharon, congrats for the lavender field you`re going to cultivate, what a great and rewarding idea!!!! These pillows are wonderful!!!!
    many hugs to you,
    maria cecilia

  10. G'eve Sharon ~ Wow! This is awesome, so bright & creative. I love it.

    Lavendar farming would be wonderful! We have one not too far from us ... the fields are gorgeous!

    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon