January 21, 2011

After A Long Hiatus......

A Basketweave Wrap I am working on and new Yarn!!
A Winter Wonderland...
Awaiting Spring
Hello Friends~Wow! I have never EVER taken this long off from Blogging...ever! But I needed a little break, and I had a Wonderful Holiday Season with my family, now I am thrilled to be back with you! We are enjoying (smiling) -7 degree weather right now. Yikes, It hurts my face! But we have really had a very mild winter this year, so I guess it's our turn. The snow pictures are out in our front yard.
Exciting news! Herrshners had a big sale, I got 10 skeins of pink merino wool!!! yarn for 1.99 a skein! I'm so happy. So I am knitting a basketweave wrap and it's coming along beautifully. Knitting is such a wonderful winter hobby. I love the warm wrap trailing down my legs as I knit. And it is yummy soft!
I have been reading your blogs so as not to get too far behind, perhaps some of you knew I was there!
I hope that you all had a fabulous holiday, that you are blessed in the coming year, and that you keep warm throughout this winter season. See you tomorrow!! Hugs~


  1. Glad you to see you back! beautiful pictures :)

  2. Glad to see your post today! I too have been knitting. I found a book with friendship shawls and picked out the simplest of the patterns and have now made 6 of them this winter so far and am starting the 7th. All but one are gifts. One was for myself. I love the basket weave you are doing. They are very warming to have on your lap and knees in the cold.

  3. Sharon the wrap looks so pretty in pink! I was so glad to see you posted. It sounds like you had a much needed break and had a lovely time while on it.
    The Winter pics are gorgeous! Don't you love how the frost hangs onto everything. It almost make the cold worth it.
    Sending hugs...

  4. Beautiful yarn...great price and what a fabulous wrap you are workinf on!!
    Here we are..meeting up in January, 2011 !!! Amazing, huh??