November 4, 2010

Hello I've Missed You All!

I can't tell you all how much I have missed you and missed blogging and reading...It's been awful! But Good Lord I'm such an old Poop! Honestly, anything new (technology) drives me up a wall! I have been working daily with Windows 7 and trying to figure out my new computer. It seems that everything is in a different spot! I was so sad that all of my information and photos were lost in the crash...but today is a new day right? I'll take more pictures...

Thank you all for hanging in there with me while I was gone. I did manage to get 150 bulbs planted, have you seen the newest and coolest tulips and narcissus this year? I just could help myself! Stunning as they are! I was a diggin' fool, and could barely lift my arms the next day.

These are photos of a new rag quilt I just finished. Cararmel and Cream. I love the colors (even tho' they aren't PINK), they are so warm and snuggly. So in a rare departure from my pink's a rare one for sure...because 2 pink rag quilts are cut and laid out ready to sew.

Also, my family (mom, brother and sister in law) have all decided to come here for Christmas this year!!!! Yeah! I am so thrilled, I've already gotten out my Holiday linens! Whoo-Hoo! I'm so excited!

Well anyway, now that I can once again navigate the web (very techie right?) I'll be coming your way!! Hugs and Blessings~


  1. WELCOME BACK!! I was tickled pink to see you in my blog roller this morning. Love your quilt! You will pick up 7... i promise. They just moved everything around. Thank goodness for DESKTOP!! Hugs. Tammy

  2. welcome back Sharon! I was just thinking of you the other day. The quilt is beautiful! What a gorgeous garden you will have come next spring and the tired muscles will be a thing of the past!

    How fun family is coming for Christmas!!


  3. Welcome back Sharon, nice to have you back!
    No worries with new tech we all get there - eventually!
    Very cosy rag quilt. Very delicate and you'll need extra blankets and quilts as you are having a house full over Christmas. Enjoy.

  4. Thankfully you were abler to persevere and are with us once again. I did miss you and wondered what had happened. The quilt is very nice and I like the colors too. How wonderful your family is coming there for Christmas. I know your days will be filled as you get ready for them.

  5. 150 bulbs! I don't think my dad plants that many in one go. Windows 7 will take some time to get used to - you'll be fine. The Italian lessons were cancelled - only no one told us and we waited around a school for a while. I love the caramel throw! It'd be lovely to snooze under it on a cold weekend.

  6. That quilt is gorgeous! I love the caramel and cream! :) Glad you're back. I had a computer meltdown too...with my external hard drive. I lost a LOT of pics. I am so sad. Had to pay big money for recovery of some of them as well. But, at least some were recovered.

  7. this quilt is beautiful ~ I want to cuddle up in it with a good book!